10 Reasons to be a Member of Skal Chicago

Looking for even more reasons to join Skal? Read below for information on extra discounts and perks for joining Skal Chicago.

  1. Place your business and tourism community on the Skal map as a worldwide destination for tourism and hospitality.
  2. Build relationships and lifelong friendships with other leaders in the international and domestic tourism industry within the 48 US chapters, 360 international chapters and over 14,000 professionals.
  3. Opportunities to exchange ideas and network with other tourism professionals
  4. Travel Discounts – special rates are offered by Skalleagues around the world including: Car rental discounts and coupons, hotel discounts and upgrades, and travel insurance programs that aren’t available to the general public.
  5. Mentor industry leaders of the future with young Skal.
  6. Database access to more than 14,000 members from around the world
  7. Ability to promote your product to other members, their clients, B2B on local, national and international levels.
  8. Representation and recognition at Trade Fairs, IPW, ABA (American Bus Association) Marketplace, World Congress and Regional Congresses with discounted access to participate and network with existing and potential Skalleagues. Just look for the Skal pin or ribbon!
  9. Seminars, educational opportunities and top-notch speakers at meetings and Congresses and Webinars on current industry topics and the best practices in the industry.
  10. Learn about and support sustainable tourism efforts. Get involved in your local tourism community! Skal Gives Back!