Benefits of Skal Chicago

There are a number of benefits in joining Skal Chicago. We are a professional organization of tourism leaders from around the world, and the Chicago chapter offers a number great benefits, including discounts, networking and new opportunities to grow your business. We can also offer: 

  • Through contributions from Clubs around the world, the Florimond Volckaert Fund assists any Skal member in times of financial need or crisis.
  • The Skal Interational Membership Card entitles members to discounts at some participating outlets from provided by fellow Skal members.
  • The network of Skal members worldwide is now accessible via the Skal website at Information on other members from around the world is right at your fingertips!
  • Skal members are welcome at all meetings around the world, at any Club. Wherever you travel, you can access our network of Skal friends and colleagues.
  • Skal News, a quarterly published magazine, and an avenue for advertising exposure to over 14,000 industry professionals.